girlatastartup IS MOVING!!! And Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, I never thought I’d say this, but I’m moving!!! Blogs, that is.
I bought a domain, and Sir Percival was nice enough to help me set up my new website….

When I first started this blog, I had no idea how to link, embed, and the list goes on….
Now, I basically live online. Youtube, Hulu, Pandora, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,, and are my obsessions.

I’ve also created a more creative blog on tumblr, so I can post random quotes, stories, videos and pics, and not feel guilty that I don’t only talk about documents.

I’m still in the office, but have a Great Thanksgiving!!! I’ll be rocking out the local “Koo Koo Roo” or “Boston Market” with my father and brother. HOLLA.

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Universal Studios With My Adopted Little Bro, Andy Steve

This past weekend, I spent some time taking my adopted little brother, Andy Steve, to Universal Studios. (Well, not really, but he looks up to me and is 11, so thus, the conclusion)
He’s a really good kid, not bratty at all, and I actually had a ton of fun. With the news of the Economy and just everything, seemingly to be incredibly negative, sometimes you can get a lot out of hanging out with the young folk. You can be a kid again.

Oh, and I don’t usually take pics at theme parks for fear of looking like a tourist, but I did it for the blog. :)

Here were the highlights.

Me, hanging out with Apu at the Kwik-E-Mart

They had “Pocky,” a popular Korean snack inside.

And of course, a little Java action

And Moe’s

Andy Steve and I attempted to go inside the “House of Horrors.” Sadly, it wasn’t him who chickened out. It was me. (After some scary man in a mask ran after me)

At this point, I wanted to take Andy Steve on the Studio tour, but he seemed bored. I promised him that it would be really fun…
It’s basically this elongated golf cart, that you’re riding with a very Positive driver/host who gives you a play-by-play about the history of Universal Studios.

The magic of movies truly are the special effects. Here is a picture of a river that “Rushes” on command as well as the rain which started/stopped with the click of a button.

And the famous Bates Motel from “Psycho.” Note: This guy is an actor. He definitely freaked me out though after he ran after our elongated cart.




Another post tomorrow…

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Financial Crisis 2008


The Labor Department released more dismal information about U.S. jobless claims jumping to a 16 yr. high.
Now, I’m sure that you’re aware of this Global Financial crisis that has been wreaking havoc on world Financial markets, Labor markets, the Big 3 Automakers, and Retail Suppliers.

I decided to find out what the top Business Professors across the U.S. thought about our current Financial crisis, and have been contacting them for the past month.
Currently, you can view their thoughts on the homepage of

Here are their profiles, if you’d like to take a look:
Wharton Professor Franklin Allen
Harvard Business Professor Quinn Mills
Columbia Professor Graciela Chichilnisky
Dartmouth Professor Punam Keller
NYU Stern Professor Richard Sylla
NYU Stern Professor Robert Wright
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Professor Steven Rosefielde

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Robyn and Serena…More Estrogen in the office at docstoc

I took a long, hard look at my blog and thought…”Um, where are the pics?”
So, from now on, I’m definitely going to be posting more JPEGS, which will provide for a better viewing experience.

I’ve never formally introduced Robyn Ward, our VP of Business Development, who worked in NYC with much experience in the start-up world, plus she used to be an i-banker so she’s used to holding her own against the boys. Here she is in Paris. Isn’t this a kick-ass picture?
I asked her, “So, what’s your favorite document?” because we only speak about documents at the office.
Robyn: Any wine list. I’m serious.


And here’s Serena Ehrlich, formerly of Business Wire, and our new Director of Marketing.
I asked her, “So What’s Your Favorite Document,?”
Serena: The Bacon Flowchart
Sometimes, a girl just needs some bacon. Ya know?


Here is the official Press Release about our New Hirings.

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New Appointments, Mark Cuban, and Welcome to Serena Ehrlich!

The Obama Administration is inching closer to the White House, and he’s already made several appointments, including Eric Holder, a longtime Washington lawyer as Attorney-General, and Hillary Clinton has been offered the role of Secretary of State. Will she accept or not?

And you may have heard about the SEC charging Mark Cuban of Insider Trading. If you need to take a look at the document, here it is:
SEC vs. Mark Cuban

And welcome to Serena Ehrlich, our new Director of Marketing, formerly of Businesswire. I’m definitely no longer “Girlatastartup.” Definitely need to get a new name for the blog, ya know?

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Jury Duty Postponement and BOA, Korean Pop Tart, Wants to “Eat You Up”

I reported for jury service yesterday to the Los Angeles Metropolitan Court, and had a flashback to 9th grade Health Class. There were the following:

1) Many bored-looking people of various ethnicities
2) A vending machine that didn’t work. (I was very annoyed as the machine ate my dollar. Don’t you hate when that happens?)
3) A Teacher…er… An Administrator who gives an introduction to “Being A Juror.”
And…last but not least
4) THE VIDEO. Yes, a video about the “Benefits of being a Juror,” complete with cheesy music, oddly cut scenes, and the jurors who raved about how “Being a juror was one of the best experiences of my life.”

For a moment, I actually wanted to be a juror. Sike. Just kidding. I postponed my duties until February because there were about 3 Asian-Americans in the room, and I would’ve definitely gotten chosen for trial. ‘Cause you know… they probably want to keep it diverse.

And check out this video from South Korean Pop Sensation, BOA, who is making her US Debut with her dance single, “Eat You Up.” Apparently, she’s also working with the producer Darkchild, as well as FloRida. It’s a pretty cool video.

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Jury Duty!!!

I just found out that I have to report for Jury duty tomorrow. Not looking forward to it at all, but there should be much awkwardness, random comments, and silence.

I promise to post the information (that I’m allowed to) that is humorous. Oh, and I’ll post some pics as well.

Hope you’re having an Excellent Sunday.

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Physical Education or Lack Thereof…

Hilarious article from The Onion: Majority of Americans Never Use Physical Education After High School.”

Do you remember when you were forced to do the following during your high school Phys-Ed years?
1) Do ONE pull-up. This is STILL really hard.
2) The Mile Run. I hated this, as all the really fast people would get times like 6 minutes and under.
3) VOLLEYBALL- I always got hit on the head with the volleyball. Seriously.
4) WALKING AROUND THE TRACK- This was when we had a substitute teacher in gym, and we’d just walk around the outside track and pretend to be productive.

High school gym. The memories.

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Escapism, The Federal Housing Finance Agency, and Role Models

I was debating about writing/posting about more ECONOMIC CRISIS news, and decided against it. Not that I’ll never post about this again, but there’s definitely more than enough depressing news to go around on the Web.

There is one positive piece of Economic news which is today’s announcement by the Federal Housing Financing Agency of the launch of a new Mortgage Aid Program, for the thousands of homeowners who have been affected by the Subprime Mortgage Crisis.
For the official Press Release, CLICK HERE

And check out this interesting article called, “Brother, Can you Spare Some Popcorn?” about how the types of films that audiences long for, during times of Economic gloom. Obviously, comedies and fantasy will continue to do well, as serious fare won’t exactly bring in audiences. How else can you explain the box-office success of “Beverly Hills Chihuahua?” I had a chihuahua when I was a kid named Bo. Yup, Bo, and he was rowdy, crazy, and never stood still, but I loved him. Anyway… I really want to see “Role Models,” with Paul Rudd, Sean William Scott “Stiffler,” and MCLOVIN. That poor kid. He’ll be MCLOVIN until he’s 59. Word. Check out the trailer.

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What Professors Think About the Current Financial Crisis

Though I’m ecstatic about the election of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States, he’s inherited a host of seemingly insurmountable problems that has been left behind by the Bush Administration. Among these is the Financial Crisis, of which we are all aware of by now. (unless you’ve been living in a cave)

Working at docstoc, my job has been to be the middlewoman between the users and our support team, and it’s evident that people are coming to our site for free information about their businesses, education, legal, financial, or creative needs.

So, I decided to start contacting various Economics professors from the top Business schools across the country to get their thoughts/opinions about our current Economic state, how we got here, what needs to be done to get us out of it, and more.

Here are a few:
“Subprime Mortgage Mess; Financial Crisis Primer” by Professor Robert Wright, a Financial Historian at the Stern School of Business and author of “One Nation, Under Debt.”

The Psychology and Economics of Household Investment Decisions by Professor David Laibson, of Harvard University. Professor Laibson was recently in WIRED Magazine’s “2008 Smart List; The Top 15 The Next President Should Listen To,” for his behavioral Economics studies stating that consumers have the ability to be smarter about their decisions with “an institutional nudge in the right direction.”

Lessons from the Crisis by Professor Franklin Allen, of the Wharton School of Business and Co-Director of the Financial Institutions Center. This presentation was given at the European University Institute on October 16, 2008

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